The organization of Premier production has been developed, since inception, following one unique strategy that characterizes the company: a complete and direct control of the production cycle. For this reason, all the phases –from receiving the raw materials to the final check and packing- are done under the direct control of Premier qualified staff. In this way the company know-how grows constantly, thanks to the continuous research and development, that allows to define a unique and exclusive productive process.

The shells are projected and realized by Premier with the most advanced and special materials: the use of the best materials (carbon, dyneema, glass) for us is not enough. For this reason, the continuous researches and experiments have brought some new materials in the process, the most precious of which has been created and called by Premier “TVC” a mix of Titanium/ Vectran/ Carbon, created by Premier to obtain excellent results concerning the resistance, elasticity and lightness in the shells moulding.

The painting cycle combined automatic phases (such as the application of the color on the shells), and manual applications (such as the designs), in order to warrantee a very high quality standard in all the details.

The aeration system, the visor mechanisms, and all the functional accessories are the result of specific ergonomic and functional studies, result of the experience raised in the Premier company through years of product development. Before proceeding with the assembly in the production, every component goes through an attentive phase of check, during which –using innovative machines- is simulated the function of the piece over and over, in order to exclude structural weaknesses or functional problems.