1. How can I determine the correct size for my helmet (size/cm table)

You can easily determine the size of your helmet by measuring your head’s circumference and checking the following table:



49/50 XXXS
51/52 XXS
53/54 XS
55/56 SI
57/58 M
59/60 L
61/62 XL

Take care to measure from the middle of your forehead just above the temple area.
You must always try a helmet on before purchasing it.
A helmet which is too big, even if apparently more comfortable, does not offer the same grade of safety as a helmet that fits properly and snugly.
Different helmet models or even versions of the same model, may have a different fit which is the result of the continuing efforts made to improve comfort and safety.

2. The Premier helmet is made of which material?

The PREMIER helmets are made of Carbon, Dyneema, Aramidic Fibre and Epoxy Resin.
Some models like the Avenger Carbon or JT2 Carbon and the new Jet PJ0106 are entirely made of carbon an extremely lightweight and resistant material that very well resists to shocks.
All the material used in the production of our helmet shells are intended to guaranty the quality and solidity of our products.

3. Where can I buy a PREMIER helmet?

Our main Dealers, for the domestic market, and our foreign Distributors are all listed in the section “Dealers”.

4. Where can I get a PREMIER catalogue?

You can request our catalogue from the Authorized Dealer nearest to you or by contacting us in the section “Contacts” of this site.

5. What homologation do the PREMIER helmets have?

All our helmets have been approved according to the European Standard E 22.05 as you can see from the homologation labels sewn on the chinstrap of your helmet.

6. When can I get information concerning the PREMIER products and their availability?

Our Authorized Dealers and Distributors can help you with information on prices and models availability.
If you are in Italy you can also contact the company directly at info@premier.it or for particular requests you may address the various contact persons in the section “Contacts” of this web site.

7. Can I buy PREMIER products directly from this site?

Our products cannot be purchased from this web site. We suggest you to go to an Authorized Dealer and try the helmet on before buying it.
The correct size is very important for a safety product such as your helmet.
A helmet too big, even if apparently more comfortable, can highly affect the helmet’s performance in case of accident.
The dealer will be able to help you choose and buy a helmet of the correct size.

8. If a helmet suffers a blow or falls, can it still be considered safe?

A helmet that has had an accident or that has undergone a blow needs to be replaced even if no visible damage can be seen.
Even a relatively light blow may damage the integrity of the shell and of the inner shock absorption liner thus affecting the helmet’s protective performance in case of accident.
If your helmet has had an accident and you are not sure on its safety, you may send it back to us (at your own expenses) and we shall be glad to check it for you.

9. What warranty do I have on a PREMIER helmet?

PREMIER warrants its products in case of manufacturing defects.
In case of paint problems, the helmet needs to be checked by our technical staff in order to establish the nature of the problems and if it can be covered by the warranty.
Minor colour differences and nuances different from the ones on the catalogue cannot be object of claims.
The complete warranty can be downloaded from the section “On-line Warranty “ of this website.
Please register yourself, you will make the Warranty effective and help us improve our service.

10. How can I activate the warranty?

You can activate the Warranty for your helmet by filling-in the appropriate Form you will find in the section “On-Line Warranty” or by sending the filled-in form via fax to 0583-730312 or by means of registered mail to P.H.I. Srl, Servizio Clienti, Zona Industriale Località Zinepri, I- 55027 Gallicano (Lucca).

11. How can I clean my helmet?

Clean your helmet by using exclusively luke warm water and neutral soap.
Other detergents may be too aggressive and affect the paint and the shell.
Particular attention must be given to the inside of the visor that must be cleaned exclusively with a soft micro fibre cloth in order not to damage the mist retarding treatment present on the inner surface of the visor.

12. Can I wash the inner linings?

All our helmets are equipped with removable and replaceable inner comfort liners that may be washed with luke warm water and non aggressive soap (see the Instruction to the User Manual).

13. Can I freely paint and decorate my helmet?

PREMIER suggests not to decorate your helmet.
Not knowing the type of glue used, for example on a “normal” sticker, you may damage the paint of your helmet.
Even worse if you spray your helmet, or apply paint to it.
Not knowing the type of paint used , the damages to the helmet may be irreparable and the actual structure of the shell could be affected and safety highly compromised.

14. I need a spare part, but I do not remember the model reference of my helmet. What can I do?

We can establish the helmet model via the homologation number sewn on the chinstrap.
Send it to us and we can tell you exactly what type of spare part or accessory you need.

15. What accessories/spare parts are available for my helmet?

The accessories suitable for your helmet an be found in the section “Accessories” or on the technical sheet that relates to your helmet model.

16. Where can I find the spare parts/accessories for my helmet?

We suggest you to purchase the accessory or spare part that you need from your local dealer.
Should you however encounter difficulties, especially for old models, you can refer to the Shop section of this site and order the part directly from PREMIER.
You can also contact the company directly at info@premier.it or for particular requests you may address the various contact persons in the section “Contacts” of this web site.
The service offered by the section Shop is only applicable for purchases on the Italian market.

17. The visor becomes misty, what can I do?

All the PREMIER full face helmets come from the factory bearing visors treated externally for scratch resistance and internally with a mist retarder.
In order not to damage the treatments, the visor must be cleaned very carefully, especially the internal surface (see Ans. 11).
You ghave to any way consider that the antofog treatment is subject to use and will wear off and that, however under extremely critical conditions (very cold or very damp) the performance of the treatment may result attenuated.

18. I am a trade agent and/or distributor interested in your products, what must I do?

Gent in touch with us and we shall explain to you how we can work together!

19. I am a dealer and I would like to sell your products, what must I do?

If you have a shop just call us and we shall explain to you how we can work together!

20. I am a rider and I would like to be sponsored by PREMIER?

I am a rider and I would like to be sponsored by PREMIER
PREMIER sponsors many riders in many different categories as you can see from the section “Riders”.
Call us and perhaps you could become one of our riders!