Premier is proud to present its 2018 range, the result of its significant history and tradition. The company, founded in California in 1956, arrived in Italy in 1982 and remains there today, proudly managed by a family group that puts its passion and experience into every decision it makes. The brand has become a real reference point on the global helmet manufacturing landscape.
The 2018 range consists of distinct lines that are united by the same construction philosophy, with a focus on excellent quality, design, originality and exceptional safety characteristics. The Vintage line and Road Collection.
The Road Collection offers a complete, well-structured range able to satisfy any need, from racing, to touring, sports riding, enduro, MX and urban riding. Five jets, five full-face helmets, five modular flip-ups and an off-road helmet.  Sixteen models, five of which are brand new.
The VYRUS is the ideal full-face for both medium/long-range trips and sports riding; it features a Pinlock® lens as standard and is suitable for use with Bluetooth.
The XTRAIL is a modular dual sport helmet, a flip-up with Pinlock® as standard and suitable for use with Bluetooth. The DELTA is another very modern modular dedicated to the Voyager segment. With its modern, clean line, it is ideal for those seeking comfort and reliability during long-range trips. It comes with Pinlock® as standard and is suitable for use with Bluetooth.
The latest addition is ROCKER, the mini jet designed for the very young which comes with a range of ten different bold and trendy graphics.
The COOL is the practical jet designed for city riding, with its wide visor that effectively protects the rider’s face.

The Vintage range includes six different models, from the classic jet to full-face versions that, along with a great variety of graphics and accessories, make this the widest and most-specialised range of Vintage helmets available on the market. An “old-style” look combined with 21st century comfort and safety.
The Vintage Premier line is extended with some new graphics dedicated to lovers of retro bikes, introducing four new liveries across the most successful models. Three brand new graphics have been created in collaboration with the Design ’70s studio: Born to Race, with its 70s American retro flavour, the garage-inspired Custom Parts, and Black Dynasty, with its appealing tattoo graphics. Thanks also to the “old-style” treatment that provides an aged look, these helmets are both very original and extremely appealing, enhanced with a double ring fastening in anodised aluminium.
To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Premier wanted to enrich the 2018 range with the “Anniversary Limited Edition” series.  Hi-tech and artisan craftsmanship come together in four very special models produced as a limited series. Featuring a looser carbon weave than usual, the helmets boast strong aesthetic personality and optimum technical performance.
The Premier R&D department has harnessed every possible technique in constructing the shells that make up the 2018 range. From an innovative thermoplastic polymer to DCA tricomposite fibre in dyneema, carbon and aramid fibres, as well as refined full-carbon.
The new collection can be viewed at and is on sale at Authorised Dealerships.