Thanks to the warning of some of our customers who have been robbed, we have discovered various fake Premier websites that sell our products online.

Some of these websites have appropriated our domains and have recreated the exact copy of our website, so they mislead potential customers who think they are buying directly from our company.

Other websites are advertising our products with 40 to 70% discounts, some of them sell in euros and others in US dollars.

PREMIER DOESN’T OFFER AN ONLINE RETAIL SERVICE, distrust from Premier websites that do online direct sales!

Distrust also all those website that offer our products with a discount range between 40 and 70%!

We are extremely active in fighting these types of frauds but unluckily we discover some new ones every day.

Frauds and purchases of forged products can be avoided buying only from our authorized dealers that you can find on our webpage

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further information on this topic, please contact us at