The basis for Premier philosophy have been traced through many years of technology and production researches. The creation of an industrial plan exclusively dedicated to the production of fiber helmets is inserted in the logic of the specialization of the productive cycle, using the most advanced technologies in order to create a very high and stable quality level, together with the know-how that is involved in the fibers elaboration process.

The passion, the strategic dynamics of marketing, the investments in resources, the innovative technology research, the accurate construction of the product with the maximum attention for the details, these have all contributed to the development and the success of Premier.

A Premier helmet is an essential element for every motorbike user.

A group of professional people motivated and dynamic with only one goal: the customer satisfaction. With an innovative, technologic product of a high level quality. This is Premier and its winning characteristics.



The elegant and sophisticated design of new models, together with the precise management of the processes of Research and Development, are the most important and delicate aspects of the Premier activity. For this reason, in the R&D division, the traditional methods of manual elaboration of the fibers, have been developed together with sophisticated techniques of informatics development, in order to improve every single step of the project.

All of the above processes are controlled by a team of specialized responsible, to whom has been given the important task of projecting innovative products, that lead the sector thanks to their fine esthetical details, but also for their technology and functionality. Projecting an helmet means trying to reach the perfection: comfort, performance, safety, design, ergonomics, resistance, functionality and fashion.
Premier signs the innovation and concepts with attention to the evolution, the style and the contemporary lifestyle needs. In every shape, every material, every detail we research precision and innovation.