Maximum protection and safety are the first requirement of all Premier helmets. And this is the base concept on which the whole activity of development and Premier production: a concept that is put in front of any other esthetical, technical or economical consideration, as well as in the development or roduction of the helmet.

Every Premier helmet contains all these elements, warranting a very high safety and quality standard. Once the new models is homologated, the series production begins and the internal laboratory warrantees all the checks on the materials, product and production, through all the samples destructive tests. In the laboratory therefore, are held continuous tests, conducted with the most sophisticated machines that the modern technology offers, in order to check every single component of the product.

The materials used are always more precious and hightecnology: carbon, dyneema, vectran, epoxy resins for the external shells; Lexan for the moulding of the visors and components; technical anti-allergic fabrics for the internal pads.

Researches, production and constant quality checks are our warranty for the safety and long lasting performance of our helmets.