[ Hu’man-o-gy ]

The study and interpretation of how Man and Technologycanbecombined”
This is the philosophy on which the R&D Team at Premier bases the development of new projects.


The Premier R&D team perform multiple simulations thanks to the advanced aerodynamic study program. When the prototypes achieve a satisfactory level they are placed in the wind tunnel to verify their performance in all conceivable conditions. The ever evolving and refining design and development process helps to realize a full customer satisfaction experience.


Premier helmets are equipped with air ventilations and extractors which together with the air-channe- ling system inside the polystyrene protection ensure that the user maintains optimal temperature inside the helmet. The air enters the front then flows into the inner EPS shell and comes out at rear extrac- tors, thus obtaining optimal comfort even for long journeys.


When designing and constructing a helmet,
you need the best in terms of safety, comfort, ergonomics, endurance, functionality, performance, and design. To achieve this it is imperative to pay attention to the smallest details so that every single component of the final product is made in the best way possible, without any compromise.
There are still many handmade steps in the production of Premier helmets, accounting for approximately 79% of the production process. Both accurate design and handmade experience are needed to realize the goal of customer satisfaction.