Thanks to the warning provided by some customers who have been cheated, we discovered the existence of a fake Premier web site, at http://www.premier-helmets.com/. By cloning part of our original site, using images of original products and original Premier pages, this web site deceives clientele, who believes to purchase our products. directly from our company. We confirm that the web site http://www.premier-helmets.com/ is not linked to Premier, P.M.R. S.r.l.. The cited website is not an authorized retailer of Premier products and it is swindling many people who, after having paid for the goods, do not receive the ordered helmets. To protect our registered trademark, our good name and to protect our customers, we are moving on multiple fronts to try to block this site and to identify the perpetrators of this fraud. We believe that the web site http://www.premier-helmets.com/ is a violation of our intellectual property rights and we will take action against it. The official Premier website remains www.premier.it. Fraud attempts and involuntary purchases of counterfeit products can be avoided by purchasing Premier products only from dealers listed in our retailer’s page: http://www.premier.it/dealers/. If you have any further information that can help us, we kindly ask you to write to: exportdivision@premier.it.