(2 Years entitled WARRANTY + additional 3 Years free WARRANTY)

Your new helmet has been developed with extreme attention to satisfy your safety.
When you buy a new helmet Premier extends the warranty up to FIVE years (two of which are entitled by law) from the date of purchase, Premier also assures their customer a final product with no defects in the raw material used or manufacturing defects.
Who is covered by this warranty?
This warranty covers the original buyer of each Premier helmet and is not transferable to others. The warranty will be considered valid only prior to its activation though the Premier website. What does this warranty covers?
If the helmet is correctly used, Premier warrantys a faultless product. What does this warranty NOT cover?
The warranty exclusively covers any problem regarding the material used and the manufacturing. Premier is not responsible regarding the following issues:
  • Damages caused by accidents or by mishandling of product.
  • Technical modifications done by user or third parties (glue, screws, painting, stickers, Bluetooth installation, etc…)
  • Ageing of the fabric and of the internal quilting due to normal use of the helmet
  • Scratches of the outer part of the shell, or eventual cracks on the surface and on the visor
  • Prolonged exposure to ultra-violet light. The fluorescent paints are not covered by this warranty as they can change color and have quality problems with time. One of the main causes is prolonged exposure to sun rays. There are no further warrantys other than the warranty specified in this manual.
  • Use of damaging chemical products or alcohol spirits for external/internal cleaning of the shell and/or of the visor
  • Presence of mould in the inside of the helmet due to an incorrect storage of the helmet.
  • Incorrect usage, negligence and/or mishandling of the helmet.

Premier’s service of warranty does not cover eventual personal problems such as comfort, size, aerodynamics, noises, etc…. Premier cannot be held responsible for any temporary non-usage of the helmet during repairs.
How to activate the warranty The five years warranty will be valid once activated on our website. To activate it is necessary to fill in all the spaces on the form with correct information. To use the warranty you need to bring the receipt or other proof purchase together with the helmet to the dealer where you have purchased the helmet. If you’ve bought the helmet online, you still need to contact the online shop from which you have purchase the helmet. Without the activation of the5 years warranty the helmet will be covered only by the entitle warranty of 2 years from the purchasing date.
The customer needs to describe and show the dealer the helmet’s problem, only in this way the warranty can be accepted. Assure yourself to insert your Name, surname, address and telephone number. Verify that the dealer/distributor correctly indicates all the details of the problem. If Premier determines that the helmet has a problem regarding the material used or the manufacturing of it and the helmet is still under the warranty, all work to repair the helmet will be settled by Premier and when it’s ready Premier will also pay the transport costs to return the helmet to the distributor. In the event that the helmet damage is not under the warranty, Premier will give a quote of the costs and will send it to the dealer/distributor before repairing the helmet.
This warranty does not interfere with customer rights as stated in act 1999/44 CE.
This warranty expires after five years from purchase date. After this date, even if the helmet has been correctly used, for safety reason we advise to change it.
The warranties will be valid no later than five years from production date.
If Premier is unable to repair the helmet for technical reasons, Premier will respond with an offer; taking into consideration the age of the helmet, Premier will offer a new helmet identical to the damaged one or a similar one, as the damaged helmet may not be any longer available.
When to activate the warranty The warranty must be activated following the procedure specified by Premier and within 30 days from purchase date. The date on the receipt is valid as proof of purchase. Once the 30-days period after the purchase date the warranty can no longer be activated.
Limits In case your helmet belongs to an old collection that is no longer available on the market, or maybe is not covered by the warranty anymore, Premier will try to repair it in the best possible way with new accessories, which could possibly be not perfectly compatible with the damaged old helmet. Premier is not able to guarantee the compatibility of accessories, paintwork on old helmets or on limited edition helmets with special colors. The natural deterioration of color, due to time, can change the look of the helmet when new repaired parts are applied. Premier will not respond for damages caused by incorrect reparations or any other kind of accidental damage, such as falling, crashing, etc.

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